Knit and Natter new venue

After over a year of Tuesday nights at Cafe d’Art, our Knit/Crochet and Natter group is flourishing So much so that we’ve outgrown Cafe d’Art: with more and more of us to get round the table it’s been getting a bit tight!  With that in mind, and also to allow us to start earlier and get more nattering and drinking in (oh, and knitting and crocheting) we’re trying out The Lifeboat – the new Wetherspoons pub opposite Waitrose as from tonight (4 October). We’ll be gathering at 7.30pm, with Tuesday Tutorials still from 8 – 9pm.  The only drawback is that we can’t reserve a table, so you may need to look around for a minute or two – but if you listen for the raucous laughter it won’t take long to find us!