Knitting and crochet accessories

Pattern leaflets and books are available for all Good Wool Shop yarns, and we can advise on tracking down your perfect pattern online.

You’ll need more than yarn and a pattern… so the Good Wool Shop stocks knitting needles and crochet hooks by Milward, Clover  and Knit Pro, together with an assortment of essential notions.  Knitting technology has come a long way, but we are always on hand to advise on your choice of metal, wood, bamboo and interchangeable needles.  Specialist requirements can usually be ordered on request.

For budding crafters we also stock “Learn to Knit” kits by Charlie and Hannah, with endearing mouse and owl families and practical fingerless gloves among others. These are the best kits we’ve seen, with every bit that you need to complete the projects and instructions second to none, including links to purpose-made online instruction videos.  They are also small and simple enough to be realistically finished before your junior crafter runs out of steam!