Wool, love and the bottom line

This is a very sad post to have to make, but The Good Wool Shop at Derbyshire’s will be closing in two weeks time.

We have made a wonderful thing in this little shop. I am immensely proud of the reputation we’ve built and feel very privileged to have been able to supply the raw materials for so many fabulous creations. It’s been a joy to help people learn new skills and to see the buzz they have got from their achievements. I’ve met so many lovely and creative people and have been happiest of all to see friendships being forged and a warm and woolly community developing. I believed from the start that God had a hand in this all and I remain sure that is true.

I am hugely grateful for the support I’ve had from customers, suppliers, Formby crafters and other local businesses, but I owe most of all to Irene who helped this total novice launch into the world of haberdashery and to Jill, who gave me advice and encouragement from the start and who has become my indispensible right hand woman. We couldn’t have managed either without our marvellous regular tutors Jan, Danielle and Paula.

All these wonderful and positive things however do not pay the bills, and the overheads and staffing costs even for a small shop are high. Much as people in Formby may have wanted somewhere to buy sewing thread and velcro, and wool lovers from further afield may have appreciated having a range of lovely yarns to visit, the raw truth is that without more people spending more money more regularly shops like ours cannot survive. Exclamations of delight about the variety of the range and the quality of the yarn may gladden my heart but they don’t pay the rent.

So on 18 February we will be shutting up shop for the last time.

That won’t however be the last you hear of us. Regular customers will already know that our groups, classes and workshops will continue. There will be a trip to Yarndale and we’ll have stalls at events like Formby Live to share ideas, teach techniques and sell lovely British yarn. This website and the Facebook page will stay live. If you want to be part of this ongoing community, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter  – there’s a link on the Facebook page and will soon be on this site too. That way you can keep up to date with where you can find us next.

For the next two weeks you can still browse the shelves in our Derbyshire’s section and you will find some great sale bargains there while stocks last. Come and see us soon, and keep in touch.

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